How To Add In Concrete To Make It Sparkle In Lakeside Ca?

5 Things To Add In Concrete To Make It Sparkle Lakeside CaConcrete can be a versatile building material, used for driveways, pathways, patios and even outdoor entertaining areas. And while it is functional and easy to care for, it can also lack aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, adding sparkle to concrete doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Here are 5 simple ideas that will help you add a bit of dazzle to your concrete surfaces:

  1. Adding glass beads during the pouring process creates a unique effect as they catch and amplify light to create an interesting finish. The look can be subtle or dramatic depending on how much glass bead aggregate is added into the mix.
  2. Available in colours such as gold, bronze, silver and pewter, metallic fines can be used to add a subtle sparkle. They come in the form of small pieces of mica or other reflective material, and can easily be combined with concrete for a modern look.
  3. Adding pebbles to your concrete mix is an easy way to create texture and visual interest. A combination of sizes works best as larger stones provide contrast against smaller ones. For a truly special effect, try mixing pebbles with glass mosaic tiles for added sparkle.
  4. Incorporating coloured glass into your concrete adds vibrant colour and spectacular sparkle. This technique is ideal for outdoor entertainment areas such as patios, driveways and pathways where it will catch the light and create a beautiful effect.
  5. For truly dazzling results, add glitter to your concrete mix! You can choose from a range of colours including pink, blue and silver, or even combine different shades for a unique look. Not only is it easy to apply but the glitter will provide a stunning effect when the light hits it.


What Can I Add To Concrete To Make It Sparkle?

You can add a range of materials such as glass beads, metallic fines, pebbles, coloured glass and even glitter to concrete to make it sparkle. Each material has different effects on the finished surface and will create a unique look depending on how much is added to the mix.

How Do You Make Concrete Shine?

You can use a variety of products and techniques to make concrete shine. Applying a sealer or wax, polishing the surface with a buffer, and even adding sparkle-producing materials such as glass beads, metallic fines, pebbles and glitter are all effective ways of making concrete shine.

How Do You Put Sparkles On A Concrete Countertop?

Adding sparkles to a concrete countertop is relatively straightforward. Start by mixing the desired material with the concrete mix, then pour it into a form and vibrate it evenly. Once cured, you can polish the surface for a glossy finish or apply a sealer for added protection. To bring out the sparkles, use an angle grinder fitted with a polishing wheel or buffing pad.


It is possible to add sparkle and visual interest to concrete surfaces with very little effort. Glass beads, metallic fines, pebbles, coloured glass and even glitter can all be added to the mix for a unique look. With these simple ideas you can create a stunning concrete surface that is sure to impress! For more information, contact Concrete Contractor Lakeside Ca at (619) 678-0052.